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About US

About US

Founded in Nevşehir, Turkey, in 2021, PASHA EDUCON (PASHA EDUCATION CONSULTANCY LTD) is a new SME in the field of education and training at an international level. It is a young company founded on few but solid values: ecology, social responsibility, inclusion, sharing, lifelong learning, civic awareness, and commitment to quality. Besides, it is a training hub of professional trainers in the field of Entrepreneurship, personal development, and soft skills, providing training to individuals in both face-to-face and online environments.

PASHA EDUCON operates in the following specific areas:

  • Education and Training: providing tools and opportunities for the professional and cultural growth of teachers and educators, aiming to foster responsible citizens and communities and promote innovation in European education.
  • Local Development and Project Management: offering assistance to public and private entities in developing visions and goals, providing advice and services throughout the entire project life cycle, with a focus on sustainable destinations and organizations.

As for the first area, PASHA EDUCON is specifically dedicated to researching, developing, and transferring innovative educational methods and tools. The company is committed to nurturing the development of the European community of teachers and educators across all levels and countries, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of students' learning and boosting their achievements.

PASHA EDUCON also places emphasis on delivering training, workshops, and keynote speeches for adults and companies. With extensive experience in designing and implementing adult education programs, especially in the areas of soft skills, self-development, coaching, and mentoring, the company can draw on its knowledge base and adapt training programs to the specific needs of Erasmus+ projects. Furthermore, PASHA EDUCON can create toolkits and share best practices in the field of adult and vocational education.

PASHA EDUCON actively engages in various aspects of education. The current training catalogue focuses on innovative methods and tools for teaching and learning, including school leadership and educational innovation, interactive ICT-based and web tools for effective blended and cooperative learning, project and competence-based learning, CLIL methodology, entrepreneurship education at school, non-formal education to empower students' key competences and participation, cultural heritage education and story-telling, EU project design and project cycle management, exploration and study of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, quality food industry, sustainable farming and agri-tourism, self-entrepreneurship for social economy, tourism, and culture, as well as management and marketing of environmental, cultural, and social heritage.

PASHA EDUCON has established a wide network spanning across most EU member states, primarily through its members' participation in previous EU-funded projects. The company can effectively disseminate projects through its contacts, affiliated organizations, LinkedIn profiles, and its own social media pages. Additionally, having in-house experts in digital marketing and social media allows PASHA EDUCON to develop a strategic plan for targeted dissemination. Notably, Paşa Tavacı, who has served as a dissemination leader in various EU-funded projects, possesses extensive experience and a broad network of contacts that can be utilized for dissemination purposes. Her positions in various organizations provide fertile ground for dissemination activities.

TEAM: Yusuf KULAKLI Yusuf Kulaklı is the director of PASHA EDUCON. He has extensive experience in Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects and has been actively involved in Erasmus+ projects and other programs, such as the ICT Tool for assessing employees' capability and readiness for transnational labor mobility. In addition to establishing relationships with companies and lecturers, he brings his expertise in project management from multinational manufacturing companies and his experience in managing his own projects. Within the Erasmus+ program, he takes on the responsibility of project management and communication with project partners.

Sema YÜKSEL: Sema Yüksel is a project manager at PASHA EDUCON. She has previously participated in the YIA (Youth in Action) program and will be involved in the training programs of the Council of Europe and Erasmus+ in the future. She has worked as a teacher in international political relationships at a State University in Ankara and has experience in digital, non-formal, informal, and formal education. She holds a master's degree in Human Rights and Democratization. She has also served as a trainer and expert in non-formal issues for organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Justice, and UN agencies (GFATM, UNICEF, WHO, UNIFEM, WB, UNAIDS). Her work focuses on partnership building and non-formal learning, particularly with disadvantaged adults from various backgrounds. She has conducted activities for adults aged 35-80, including those from rural regions, social vulnerable groups, boarding schools, and vocational schools.